Pre and Postnatal Teacher Training - application form
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Yoga Experience

All applicants need to have completed a Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training to be considered for acceptance on this training.

Please email your Yoga Alliance certificate and reference to after submitting this application.

More info on the application process:

appleyoga will not be able to process your application without these in place.
Contact information

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About you

Describe your yoga practice/experience stating how long you have been studying and where you currently practice *

What styles do you currently practice? Do you have a preference for any particular style? *

Please give reasons.
Do you have an established self-practice? *

If so, please describe it
How often do you attend a yoga class? *

Twice a week, once a month etc
Previous meditation experience *

Name your current teacher/teachers and any others that you have worked with consistently over an extended period *

Where did you complete your teacher training programme? *

Please state both the school and teachers.
Are you currently teaching yoga and if so, how many classes a week and what style of classes? *

Give details of any retreats/workshops/ courses that you have attended. *

Include details, if relevant of any weekend workshops that you have attended.
What inspires you to teach pre and postnatal yoga? *

What qualities do you feel are important to be a pre and postnatal yoga teacher? *

Why did appleyoga's pre and postnatal teacher training interest you? *

Any previous study with Katy? *

Where do you plan on teaching after you have completed this training?

Other relevant certificates or training? *

Please describe your level of physical fitness & any physical or medical conditions, disabilities or injuries *

Please also inform us if you are currently taking any medication for physical, or psychiatric conditions of any nature and if you are under care or observation for any such conditions.

Is there anything you wish us to know about yourself that is relevant to your abilities to complete this course? *

Where did you hear about appleyoga teacher training? *

Please use the space below to inform us of information specifically relevant to pregnancy and motherhood.

This includes if you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant by the time the course takes place, are already a parent, and any other more personal details that you consider to be important for us to know.

Please know that this information will be strictly confidential and kept within the realms of the appleyoga teaching faculty.
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